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PIC - International Training Program

The International Training Program, or PIC - Programa Internacional de Capacitação, is a training program and development workshop specially tailored to Brazilian independent producers aiming international co-productions and business partnerships.

It's a one week workshop delivered by a high qualified international faculty team. In 2009, two editions were hosted, one concerning Animation and another Documentaries. In 2010, the focus were on digital media with PIC New Formats. In 2014, a pocket edition was held before RioContentMaket. The Pocket PIC Doc was focused in facutal content and was curated by Yves Jeanneau.

PIC received in November 2010 the III APEX-Brasil Award, that highlights sucessful export and international promotion activities of different sectors of economy.

PIC is organized by the Brazilian Content, an audiovisual content export program created by the Brasil Independent Audiovisual (BRAVI) in partnership with the Audiovisual Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture (SAv/MinC), Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brasil) and Empresa Brasileira de Comunicação/TV Brasil (EBC/TV Brasil)