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Brazilian delegation celebrates positive results at MIPCOM 2017

Busy days have marked the agenda of the 41 production companies and 58 executives of the Brazilian delegation at the Palais des Festivals, in Cannes, during the four days of MIPCOM, the world’s most important audiovisual event. This year’s Brazilian participation, made possible through Brazilian Content, the audiovisual content export project promoted by BRAVI in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), was larger than the two last editions.

The business get-togethers started on Tuesday, with the Argentinean delegation, and ended on Thursday, with companies from China. The companies from the UK and Israel were at the stand on Wednesday – Brazil has bilateral audiovisual co-production agreements with both nations, starting in 2017. Meetings with representatives from international events also took place, among which Kidscreen, Annecy and Natpe, markets that will all receive Brazilian delegations organized by Brazilian Content in 2018.

In the search for new contacts and partnerships, UP! Content Co,one of the eight companies that participated for the first time in MIPCOM, had 59 meetings focused on broadcast with players from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. “We should sign, still this year, due to these contacts from MIPCOM, five contracts with channels that will represent the property of ‘Bubu and the Little Owls’ to the world”, revealed Jake Neto, the company’s commercial director. Animaking, CapeliniFilmes, Plateau Filmes, Pushstart, Raven, Red Studio andSétima Cinema completed the group of the first timers.

To Guilherme Coelho, from BroméliaProduções, the great advantage of MIPCOM rests in being ableto find channels from various countries in just one place, which optimizes the search for international distribution. “We managed to present the Little Dottie Chicken to channels from at least 15 countries, a content that is already broadcast in Brazil, in all countries of Latin America, Italy, France, the UK and, soon, in Germany, China and Japan”.

The intenseactivity at the Brazilian Content stand in Cannes also caught the attention of Igor Germano, head of the Division for Audiovisual Promotion (DAV) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “I was impressed with the Brazilians’ level of professionalism and the perception that other countries have ofour work’sintegrity”.

Actually, an optimistic mood dominated the day-to-day activities of the Brazilian delegation during the event. During MIPJunior (October 14 and 15), for example, Elo Company signed a deal with the Chinese Moores International for the sale of the Brazilian animated TV series‘Illustrating History’, licensed for five years, two of which non-exclusive and three with exclusivity.Sato Company, in turn, announced it is maintaining the volume deal with the mini major Lionsgate for free-to-air TV in Brazil. “This represents a wonderful film catalog, such as La La Land, Power Rangers,the Orange is the New Black series, the Hunger Games and Twilight franchises, among many others. Apart from that, we signed a deal with Colombia, selling eight documentaries for free-to-air TV, and expanded an operation with SmartVOD, a transactional OTT that comes with every Samsung and LG devices for all of Latin America”, tells Nelson Sato, CEO of the distribution company, which has been operating in Brazil for 32 years.

Cine Group registered an average of six meetings per day, with companies such as Warner, History, Scripps Networks, Bubble Media, apart from actively participating in the business get-togethers with players from Argentina, Israel and the UK. At the other side of the counter, Input Som Arte Sonora, which works with Brazilian producers in international co-productions, left the event praising what it saw. “I’ve witnessed the accomplishment of many projects in which we’ve been involved from the start”, said Mario di Poi.

Three Brazilian production companies are competing for the International Emmy Kids Awards
More good news: three Brazilian production companies are nominated for the International Emmy Kids Awards, which recognizes the year’s best children’s productions.  Boutique Filmesis nominated for the third year in a row, this time with the third season of “Zu’s Zoo”. Red Studio competes for best Kids Animation with the series “Siesta Z”, a co-production with Argentina (El Perroen La Luna andPakapaka), Colombia (Señal Colombia) and Ecuador (Educa).Finally, the series “Mika’s Diary”, from SuperToons, competes in the Pre-school category. The winners will be announced on April 10, 2018.

Participating production companies at MIPCOM 2017
The production companies 2DLab, 44 Toons, AlopraEstúdio, Animaking, Belli Studio, Boutique Filmes, BroméliaProduções, Cabong Studios, CapeliniFilmes, Chatrone, CINE Group, ConspiraçãoFilmes, Copa Studio, Cygnus Media, Dogs Can Fly Licensing, DUE Produções, ELO Company, EstúdioGiz, FM Produções, GrifaFilmes, INPUT | artesonora, LUVA, Mixer Films, Moonshot Pictures, Panorâmica, Plateau Filmes, Prodigo Films, Pushstart, Raven Filmes, Red Studio Brasil, Rinaldi Produções, Sato Company, Sétima Cinema, Singular, Split Studio, Synapse, Tortuga Studios, TV Pinguim, Up! Content Co, Visom Digital and Zola form the Brazilian delegation. 
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