Apiário Estúdio Criativo

Apiário is a creative studio located in Belo Horizonte, in the mountainous southeastern of Brazil. The studio was founded in 2011 and we've been working with Cinema, TV and Advertising. Our language moves between art and design, merging digital and analogue techniques. We search for partners in our animation projects in development.

Main Activities: Post Production, Production,

Content Genres: 2D Animation, Drama,

Content Broadcasted In: TV Brasil Internacional (Brasil), VOD Net Now (Brasil), SVOD Terra TV - Sunday TV (Brasil).

Victor Dias


55 31 99477-1526

Fernanda Salgado


55 31 99247-9257

Erick Ricco



Animation / Comedy / Adventure /

Format: 26 x 11'

Target: 6-10 (Kids) /

Project status: Late Development

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Distribution / Financing /

Synopsis: A boy with an egg for a head goes on bizarre adventures while trying to find out what actually came first... The CHICKEN or the EGG?

Teaser: http://vimeo.com/apiario/egghead

Ana, en Passant

Animation / Arts & Culture / Drama /

Format: 80'

Target: Adult /

Project status: Production

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Distribution / Financing /

Synopsis: Searching for an apartment, Ana finds Alice, her doppelgänger, and follows her to an unnumbered building. Face to face, glimpsing their respective abysses and their unlikely encounter, they will discover what it means to become themselves, as they uncover new paths amid the memories, languages and images of countless invented cities.

To be completed in: 2022

Teaser: http://vimeo.com/apiario/ana

Okaia Dunga

Docs & Factual /

Project status: Early Development