Cabong Studios

We are a 2D animation company and we are really passionate about it. We have worked in 4 tv series in the last two years and we want more! In this same period or compayny grew a lot. We have a talented and focused production team and now we are looking for even bigger projects.

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Content Genres:

Content Broadcasted In: Tv Cultura (BR)

Fabio Vianna

+55 (41) 9915 4935

Felipe Grosso

+55 41 98806-9005

Odirlei Seixas


Animation / Comedy /

Format: 13 x 11'

Target: Kids /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Distribution /

Synopsis: An elephant, a dog and a llama together? In a spaceship? Lost in an unknown galaxy? That's the animated series PLANETORAMA where our characters are on a different planet every episode.

To be completed in: 2016

Broadcasted: TV Cultura / Disney XD



Animation / Comedy / Kids & Youth /

Format: 52 x 11'

Target: Kids / Tweens /

Project status: Production

Looking for:Broadcaster / Pre-sales / Financing /

Synopsis: A sitcom about proletarian bacteria living in a rotten squirrel. The everyday life of Pini and Strep, 2 bacterias that live inside a squirrel in decomposition and work together in the tail area. With very different personalities they live with their individual dreams. This series came up with the idea of having a mood based on a universe a little disgusting, sticky and full of fluids.