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Capelini Films was founded by producer Juliana Capelini, whose portfolio represents over ten years of experience with audiovisual content in Brazil. Capelini is focused on the development and execution of entertainment works dealing with cultural diversity, while always in search of quality and target audience results.

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Juliana Capelini

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Lifestyle / Social Responsabilities / Green / Docs & Factual /

Format: 22'

Target: Adult / Teenagers /

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for:Broadcaster / Distribution / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: Rekombinando recounts the adventures of a trio of female surfers and educators as they navigate the waves and cultures of Latin America. They travel in a VW camper up the Pacific Coast, from Porto Alegre/Brazil to California/U.S. During this trip of over 12 thousand kilometers, the series covers themes of friendship, female empowerment, culture, sport, education and environment.

To be completed in: 2020


Super Tsunami

Animation / Kids & Youth /

Format: 11

Target: 6-10 (Kids) / Kids /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: Coral and Kai are the opposite of one another in every sense. The girls have to do a science experiment together. They are granted super powers! Kai is able to make herself invisible, while Coral is granted super strength. The super-heroines will have to learn to respect their differences on behalf of the greater good: saving the city from Charlote, the C.E.O. of the Banana Castle Candy Factory.

To be completed in: 2021