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Commanded by brothers Maurício Dias and Fernando Dias, OSCAR®’s shortlist qualified (“The Cleaners”/“Piripkura”) and twice nominated for the International Emmy Awards, Grifa Filmes is a high quality Brazilian producing company focused on documentaries and series. Specializes in national and international co-productions, for over 20 years Grifa Filmes has been creating awarded productions.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres: Docs & Factual,

Content Broadcasted In: ARTE/ZDF, Discovery, Natgeo, CBC, NHK, BBC, Globo, Tv Brasil, Canal Brazil, Tv Cultura, RecordTV.

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New Species

Science & Knowledge /

Format: 2 x 43'/ 1 x 90'

Target: All ages /

Project status: Late Development

Looking for:Broadcaster /

Synopsis: Last January, 60 renowned scientists spent 25 days in Serra da Mocidade, a never yet explored region in the Amazon rainforest. The place, an extensive field of mountains isolated by lower lands in its surroundings, has a very unique biodiversity. The expedition was a success beyond all expectations: so far the researchers have confirmed 80 new species of animals, plants and insects.

To be completed in: 2016

Broadcasted: GloboNews (Brazil); ZDF/Arte (Germany)


In Search of the Giants of the Americas

Nature & Wildlife / Science & Knowledge / Adventure /

Format: 1 x 90

Target: All ages /

Project status: Late Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Co-production Partner / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: This documentary will follow renowned paleontologist Gerry de Iullis, from Toronto University, on a journey to retrace the very special history of megafauna in South America. Counting on incredible realistic CGI, this scientific adventure will investigate and unravel the discoveries made so far by reassembling an incredible puzzle to elucidate the trajectory of these frightening animals!

To be completed in: 2021



Format: 6 x 52'

Project status: Production

Looking for:Co-production Partner /

Synopsis: As a consequence of human activity on Earth, animals are domesticated, transported or forced to invade new environments. This documentary series will show how these exotic species cause the impoverishment of ecosystems and the extinction of native species, threatening the planet’s biodiversity.

To be completed in: 2017

ZAATARI - The Desert That Became Home

Current Affairs /

Format: 1 x 90'/ 1 x 52'/ 1 x 30'

Target: Adult /

Project status: Late Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Pre-sales / Distribution /

Synopsis: Built in the middle of the desert, Zaatari was to be a temporary home for the Syrians who fled the horrors of war. But as the conflict deepened and the refugees lost all hope of returning home, they turned the camp into a permanent settlement and a bustling economic centre. This film is an attempt to let them be heard far beyond the barbed wire fences that encircle the camp.

To be completed in: 2017

Broadcasted: ZDF/Arte (Germany/France); GloboNews and Canal Brasil (Brazil)



History & Civilization / Docs & Factual /

Format: 1x70’/ 1 x 52’

Target: Adult /

Project status: Completed

Looking for:Pre-sales / Financing /

Synopsis: A documentary that for the first time tells the unique story as seen from both sides of one of the Cold War’s lesser known and more tragic events: the dispatch of over 14 thousand children from Cuba to the United States. The only thing that is certain is that children were used in a geopolitical struggle that opposed two different ideals of society - and it changed their lives forever.

To be completed in: 2018

Broadcasted: To be broadcast: Canal CURTA! (Brazil)


Flying Rivers

Current Affairs / Science & Knowledge / Docs & Factual /

Format: 1 x 52

Target: All ages /

Project status: Late Development

Looking for:Financing / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: This scientific-factual documentary will show how the incredible “Flying Rivers” come about and of their vital importance to the planet. Forming in the Amazon and often have a greater volume of water than the Amazon River itself, they are right above our heads! Due to deforestation, they are diminishing with dramatic consequences for economic and environmental conditions throughout the world.

To be completed in: 2020

Broadcasted: In negociation


The Jaguar Corridor

Nature & Wildlife / Science & Knowledge / Adventure /

Format: 1 x 90

Target: All ages /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: Two jaguars. The challenge of meeting one another to keep a whole species alive. Two biomes, two lives linked by one river and divided by human hands. This incredible documentary will follow the dangerous path of two felines across Brazil, in an attempt to reach their natural ecological Corridor. But a meeting right in the middle turns into an unexpected love story!

To be completed in: 2020/2021

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