Mosquito Project

MOSQUITO PROJECT is an independent production company based in São Paulo. Its team is formed by a group of multitask professionals that includes directors, screenplay writers, photographers, editors, programmers and designers. MOSQUITO acts in the segments of on branded content, tv and internet content and digital experiences.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres:

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Leandro HBL

+55 (11) 98774-8181


Format: 10X52’’

Target: Adult /

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: The Football Project is Documentary TV Series that will look beyond the simple metaphors about football. In each episode it will depict a human story in a big metropolis and it will show how this story is connected to the most famous sport in the world. Each episode, one city. Each city, one touching and overcoming story.


Format: 10X26’

Target: Adult /

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: Ghetto Tech is a Documentary TV Series about the musical scene in Brazilian ghettos. The purpose of this TV series is registering how the new electronic music of the ghettos (slums and suburbs/periphery) reveals, mixes and reinvents culture.


Drama / Suspense & Terror /

Target: Adult / Teenagers /

Project status: Pilot Completed

Looking for:Financing / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: SUPERNOVA is a mystery that begins in an old-fashioned psychiatric Sanitarium.We follow Dr. Albert Delacroix as he uncovers "the secret of Eugenia", an enigmatic young patient.Delacroix realizes that Eugenia is at the center of a complex plot involving esoteric cults and secret societies and,guided by his obsession to discover the truth, we dive in his downward spiral of madness and revelation.



Docs & Factual /

Format: 20 x 23'

Target: Adult / Teenagers /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Distribution / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: Lives of leaders, warriors, artists, who with determination and talent have become celebrities defeating the harsh “reality show” of day to day life. “Kings of Streets” aims to bring to light these diamonds and wonderful stories still embedded in their communities. We’ll present to the large audience the simple and heroic life of those who certainly are worthy the title of "Majesty”.

To be completed in: 2015

Broadcasted: TV Brasil (Br)