SPIRIT Animation Studios

Specialized in animation for the global market. Our show ‘KARL’, (over 110x2'/SEASON 3) is distributed worldwide (DISNEY XD, with over 200 MILLION views in Wildbrain), with licensing products already available. We provide animation services for series and features such as ‘Sheep & Wolves’, ‘Snow Queen 3’, 'Big Trip’, 'Koshchey' among others. Currently co-producing 'Walking Walnut' with FINLAND.

Main Activities: Post Production, Production,

Content Genres: 2D Animation, CGI Animation,

Content Broadcasted In: DISNEY xd (Latam), Youku (China), AmazonPrime (Global), TV Cultura, Wildbrain (UK), Playkids, KTH (Korea)

Fernando Macedo


+55 (41) 9995-6424


Animation /

Format: 20X22’

Target: Teenagers /

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: Every second the world receives new threats. Most of them beyond police jurisdiction. In order to stop these crime, a secret High Council formed a team of experts called BUTTS. Impossible missions will be executed by impulsive-clumsy-experts that will do whatever they can to stop POWERFUL BAD GUYS. Strong characters in a funny original butt-kicking experience!


Animation /

Format: 11'

Target: Kids /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: A charming 2D mini-series of a little sorcerous girl, CELESTE, and a cute DRAGON, who are united in their escape from an evil castle. They enter on a lovely journey, changing the lives of many as they wander through the Kingdom in search of CELESTE's magical artifacts. The animation has a unique and beautiful artistic visual, almost feeling like a painting, with incredible music to fill our souls.

To be completed in: 2020

KARL Animated Series

3D / Animation / Comedy /

Format: 104 x 2'

Target: Kids / Tweens /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Distribution / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: We all have the desire of eating unhealthy things: Pizza, hamburgers, soda drinks, etc. So does little JONNY. Lucky him to have around the cool strawberry hero KARL to save him from these temptations. Each episode KARL must fight against powerful and incredible food-villains!

To be completed in: 2016

Broadcasted: Disney XD, Toon Goggles, KTH, Mobibas, SIC, Videovalis, Looke, Playkids Stories, Youku Tudou

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJMBQOmo8S4


3D /

Format: 1x70´

Target: Teenagers /

Project status: Production

Looking for:Broadcaster / Distribution / Co-production Partner /

Synopsis: SOLA knows a secret capable of changing the life of everyone on Lost Cloud. She is helped by the young powerful KHY on her amazing journey. A story filled with adventure, heart and humor. A quest made by an awesome group of heroes formed by enemies and strangers, united for a common purpose.

To be completed in: 2017

Teaser: http://www.spiritanimation.com/lostcloud/


3D / Animation / Adventure /

Format: 100'

Target: Kids / Tweens /

Project status: Late Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: ROSIE AND BEAR © is an epic tale of a young deer called ROSIE, a wizard apprentice, and a blind BEAR, once a great warrior, on the path to protect an artifact capable of destroying the world, if it falls in the wrong hands. An ancient evil, MULHAGADAR, will do anything possible to recover what was once stolen from him.

To be completed in: 2021

Project status: Early Development

Project status: Early Development


Animation /

Format: 11

Target: 6-10 (Kids) /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Development Funding / Financing /