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Primitivo is an audiovisual production company for the Film, TV and Digital Media markets. Since it was founded, in 2008, it has been standing out and being recognized for its distinct look and quality of its projects.

Content Genres: Branded Entertainment


Eduardo Sampaio
Eduardo Sampaio Eduardo Sampaio eduardo@primitivo.art.br

Rua Araçatuba, 505
São Paulo / SP
+55 (11) 2306-5139


Format: 1X52’ OR 3X26’

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: Mad Dogs tells the story of three Brazilian surfers who have left all in pursuit of the dream of surfing the biggest waves in the world. Never imagined that a few years later they would write an important chapter in the history of big wave surfing. Danilo Couto, Yuri Soledade and Marcio Freire, better known as “Mad Dogs”, live in Hawaii and changed the history of giant wave surfing by being the first to paddle the deadly waves of Jaws, in Hawaii, where they can easily reach 30 feet / 10mt and before them were only ridden with the help of jetskis.


Format: 1X78’

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: A stunning place full of magic, a hidden valley at 1000 meters altitude, in the Chapada Diamantina, where people from different nationalities have sought refuge, leaving big cities for a radical rupture with the consumer society model. The place became a center for experimentation, diversity and ideological conflicts, which simultaneously enchant, threatens and question the future of the community.