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Duo2 is a studio that creates and produces audiovisual content. During the last 7 years, it has produced content for several Brazilian Cable TV Channels as well as Brazilian Public TV Channel and also had its productions broadcasted at LATAM, Hispanic USA, Africa, France and South Korea.

Main Activities: Production

Content Genres: Branded Entertainment, Lifestyle e Travel

Previous Partners: TV Brasil, History Channel Brasil, Netflix, Latam Airlines, Globo Filmes, Elo Company, Viacom.

Content Broadcasted In: TV Brasil and History Channel (BR), Sun Channel (L. Am. & US Hisp.), EPG (S. Korea), Box Brazil (Afr


Rafa Calil
Rafa Calil Rafa Calil +55 (11) 99447-7457 contato@duo2.tv
Miguel Varca
Miguel Varca Miguel Varca miguel@duo2.tv

Rua Paris, 148
São Paulo / SP
+55 (11) 3672-3091


Lifestyle / Docs & Factual / Factual Entertainment / Series / Full HD

Format: 13 x 24'

Target: Teenagers

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Distribution e Pre-sales

Synopsis: A 13 episode series that was produced in 2015 about a Tongnhas Mob Club, a Moped Club that creates crazy Mopeds by customizing them. Besides creative, they are brutal, funny and punks. It's a parody of "Motorcycle Customization" shows that we're used to see. Relying on a Mad Max aesthetic, they look like Third World Easy Riders, they are definitely anti-heroes that loves their universe.

To be completed in: 2015

Co-production: History Channel (Brazil), Prosperidade (Brazil)

Broadcasted: History Channel (Brazil)

Teaser: https://goo.gl/JnJNSO

Forest People

Nature & Wildlife / Social Responsability / Docs & Factual / Feature Film / 3D

Format: 01 x 90'

Target: All ages

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Co-production Partner e Pre-sales

Synopsis: Forest People is a documentary about Chico Mendes' legacy. What turned out to be the lives of the Rubber Tappers 30 years after his murder? We'll follow their daily lives at the Reserve Seringal Cachoeira, a community deep in the amazon forest, the place where Chico was raised. It’ll be able to witness the impact of one of the most important Brazilian environmentalist’s fight and how it unfolded.

To be completed in: 2018

Co-production: Globo Filmes (Brazil)

Broadcasted: Globo News (Brazil)

Teaser: http://goo.gl/kkLKij

Sertão in Ashes

Format: 1x90’

Target: Adult

Project status: In Post Production

Synopsis: Armed with axes and tools, a firemen group faces the dangerous fires trying to save the Brazilian Cerrado out of desertification. Most of fires have criminal causes. Men with humble origins, born and raised on the surroundings of Parque Nacional Grande Sertão Veredas, are attracted by the job opportunity, in despite of the low wages, lack of worker's rights and security, leaving them in a delicate and dangerous context.

BR14 – Route to Immigration

Format: 32X13’, 32X24’, 2x52’ and 1x90’

Target: Adult

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: Brazil is considered the country of the mixture, miscegenation and diversity. But what few people know is how it was formed and who formed it all. Our project will reveal the presence of 32 immigrants colonies in Brazil, regarding the National Teams who will dispute the World Cup 2014.


Format: 32X13'

Target: Adult

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: Brazil is the country that sees immigrants more positively, according to a global survey which heard 17 thousand people in 23 countries. “Brazil 2014: a Global Cup” is a series of 32 documentaries for television, each 13 minutes long, which aims to portray Brazil from its immigrants.