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Berny Filmes

Berny Filmes

In 2011 the production company Berny Filmes started to tell their stories through short and long films, documentaries, and content for television with a unique format. In a short period of time they established themselves in the Brazilian market and attracted the attention of the international cinema industry.

Main Activities: Production

Content Genres: Arts & Culture e Reality Shows

Previous Partners: Cavideo Production Company Cani TV Canal Brasil Quanta

Content Broadcasted In: Canal Brasil Play TV


Bernardo Barreto
Bernardo Barreto Bernardo Barreto bernardo@bernyfilmes.com.br

Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 375/casa 05 - Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro / RJ
(21) 2274 4104

My Rock n' Roll Days

Format: 12 x 42'

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster

Synopsis: The series is the story of the band White Rabbit. In a Rio de Janeiro that is not shown on a postcard, lives the eccentrict Lucas. In this voracious struggle for recognition, the band will face many obstacles - inflated egos, envy, cheating, family drama, short-term jobs and much more.

To be completed in: 2014

Broadcasted: Canal Brasil (BRAZIL)

Teaser: http://vimeo.com/77417790