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We are passionate for bringing great stories to life, with the purpose of entertaining and touching audiences of all ages. Whether producing with partner studios or creating our own content, hype.cg has creativity and fun as the main paths to excellence.

Content Genres: 3D, Animation e Branded Entertainment

Previous Partners: Totoral Films Gogó Sound Content Coelho Voador Scripts On Fire Animation School

Content Broadcasted In: Canal Brasil (Brasil)


Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Gabriel Garcia +55 (51) 9968 0983 gabriel@hype.cg

Rua Sofia Veloso 171 - Cidade Baixa
Porto Alegre / RS
+55 (51) 3061 8795

Laslo & Lia

Animation / 3D

Format: 26 x 11'

Target: Kids

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Broadcaster e Co-production Partner

Synopsis: In search for their lost parents inside a big library, Laslo & Lia enter a different book every episode of the series, living the most classical and exciting stories. They just have to constantly deal with one problem: Moss, the villain that hates happy endings and does everything to ruin them! With these moths, the books will never be the same!

The Walkers

Animation / 3D

Format: 13 x 22'

Target: Teenagers

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Broadcaster e Co-production Partner

Synopsis: Zombies are no longer the creepy monsters as we know in the past and evolved into regular citizens with the same rights as humans. Now they are able to build dysfunctional families, work their asses off and have no idea what the meaning of life is.

Highlights: Selected for PRODAV 05/2013 - Audiovisual projects development

Bermuda Triangle


Format: 13 x 22'

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Pre-sales

Synopsis: From this exciting theme, that awakens curiosity all around the world, comes an innovative 3D series, with funny, captivating characters. The Bermuda Triangle plays with the investigative genre, bringing heavy doses of acid, ironic, and sometimes even nonsense humor.

To be completed in: 2017

Co-production: Coelho Voador

Black Demon Team

Format: 85 min and 52 min (tv version)

Target: Adult

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Broadcaster e Pre-sales

Synopsis: The story of a group of lower class people rescued from the streets by Black Demon, an old Lucha Libre Master. He trained them, and gave them hope but after his death the team broke up.The story, mixed with animated world is metaphor for how the South American neoliberal economic system failed.

To be completed in: 2016

Co-production: Totoral Films (Chile)

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/120724236 (Password: bdt)