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UP! Licensing

UP! Licensing

Up! Licensing focuses on content creation and already negotiate brand licensing in Brazil. Up Licensing is part of Uatt Group, the company explores consumer behavior tendencies, which are translated into characters bringing in its DNA the cornerstones of positive attitude, values and innovation, all of them already present in the Uatt Group.

Main Activities: Production

Content Genres: Animation, Educational e Kids & Youth

Content Broadcasted In: Disney Junior 2017/2018


Jake Neto
Jake Neto Jake Neto +55 (48) 8473-3943 jake.neto@uplicensing.com.br
Rafael Medeiros Biasotto
Rafael Medeiros Biasotto Rafael Medeiros Biasotto +55 (48) 3343-0012 rafael.biasotto@uplicensing.com.br

Rua Antônio Jovita Duarte, Forquilhas
São José / SC
+55 (48) 3343-0012

Bacon Nation

Animation / Kids & Youth / Sci-Fi / Series / 3D

Target: Teenagers

Project status: In Development

Synopsis: Besides using and making parody of all clichés of the zombie genre, Bacon Nation’s humor derives from the combination of dramatic, dark and deep situations, scenes and settings with surreal, absurd and unexpected characters, twists and outcomes.

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQhlhb5EkRQ

Bubu – The Little Owls

Animation / Kids & Youth / Series / Transmedia / Full HD

Format: 26 x 11”

Target: Kids

Project status: In Production

Looking for: Broadcaster

Synopsis: Owls are everywhere and they are known worldwide for being the symbol of wisdom. Bubu and the Little Owls have combined the kid’s eagerness for discoveries with family values and nature lessons . Bubu's team is formed by: Marcela Catunda (screenwriter), Luciano Martins (plastic artistic known by its unique feature) and Arthur Nunes (Director).

To be completed in: 2017

Broadcasted: Disney Junior 2017/2018

Teaser: https://youtu.be/87Qfr-XMHWs