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Moonshot Pictures

Moonshot Pictures

Moonshot Pictures established in 2001, is a Film & TV Brazilian Production Co. creating entertainment for all types of media. Composed by a highly qualified professional team, our main goal is to create, develop and produce content-based projects built in our strong storytelling team.

Main Activities: Production

Content Genres: Animation, Comedy e Reality Shows

Previous Partners: FJ PRODUCTIONS

Content Broadcasted In: GNT(Brasil), Discovery Channel / Discovery Turbo(Brasil), Fox(Brasil), Sony (Brasil), AXN(Brasil).


Roberto d’Ávila
Roberto d’Ávila Roberto d’Ávila +55 (11) 99127-5646 roberto@moonshot.com.br

Rua Traipu, 657
São Paulo / SP
+55 (11) 3666-5776

The fare

Format: 13 x 45'

Target: Adult

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for: Distribution

Synopsis: An ordinary man with extraordinary powers, obligated to help people in need, like it or not! A taxi driver's life spiraling out of control, until one grave mistake left him with no way out: Die or accept supernatural powers and use them to help troubled passengers.

To be completed in: 2015

Co-production: AXN CHANNEL

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYQ78umWtEI

Hollywood Uncut

Format: 52 x 30'

Target: Adult

Project status: In Production

Synopsis: This series of 52x30min, profiles the film lives of the top hollywood actors and directors in their own words. Episodes include exclusive interviews with actors, journalists, premieres and archival footage.

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/36856883


Format: 26X30’ HD

Target: Adult

Project status: In Production

Synopsis: The 26x30 min series presents veterinarians and biologists’ quotidian at rio de janeiro fighting to treating wild animals rescued in the city by cras (wild animal rehab center) and all effort to reintegrate the animals into the nature.