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ELO Company

ELO Company

Elo Company is the leading sales agent in Brazil, with a catalogue of more than 100 titles including the Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature 'Boy and the World'; “Marina Abramovic – Space in Between” (First Vimeo Original from Latam); “New Species” and premium local feature films.

Main Activities: Distribution

Content Genres: Animation

Previous Partners: Netflix, Itunes, Vimeo, Air France, Arte.

Content Broadcasted In: A&E, AMC, BBC, Globo, HBO, Turner, Sky Arts, SBS.


Sabrina Nudeliman
Sabrina Nudeliman Sabrina Nudeliman +33 789 632 215 sabrina@elocompany.com

Rua Francisco Leitão, 258 - Pinheiros
São Paulo / SP
+55 (11) 3021-3594


Nature & Wildlife / Science & Knowledge / Docs & Factual / Feature Film / Series / Full HD

Format: 1 x 70', 1 x 90', 2 x 44'

Target: All ages

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for: Broadcaster , Distribution e Pre-sales

Synopsis: The documentary follows the scientific expedition to an unexplored area of the Amazon forest, called Serra da Mocidade, since the beginning of the plans, 10 years ago, to the expedition and the research results. More than 50 new species were discovered.

To be completed in: 2017

Co-production: Arte(FRA) GrifaFilmes GloboNews GloboFilmes Filmland(BRA) Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion(GER)

Highlights: Selected for the pitching at Sunny Side of the Doc, WCSFP Congress and Coproduced by Arté France.

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/169532361


Science & Knowledge / Feature Film / Series / Full HD

Format: 2 x 43'/ 1 x 90'

Target: All ages

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for: Broadcaster e Pre-sales

Synopsis: Last January, 60 renowned scientists spent 25 days in Serra da Mocidade, a never yet explored region in the Amazon rainforest. The place, an extensive field of mountains isolated by lower lands in its surroundings, has a very unique biodiversity. The expedition was a success beyond all expectations: the researchers came back with more than 50 new species of animals, plants and insects.

To be completed in: 2016

Co-production: Gebrueder-Beetz Filmproduktion and ZDF/Arte (DE); Globo Filmes, GloboNews and Filmland (BR)

Broadcasted: GloboNews (Brazil); ZDF/Arte (Germany)

Highlights: Available in English, German and Portuguese with English subtitles

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/169532361

My Big Big Friend

Animation / Kids & Youth / Series / Full HD

Format: 104 x 11'

Target: Kids

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster e Distribution

Synopsis: Everybody needs a Big Big Friend. Kids imagination is incredible - they can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything. And sometimes their imaginations can even create new playmates: which is exactly what happened to three young friends, Yuri, Lili and Matt. An engaging animated series for kids 4-6 where Big problems shrink down to size with the help of a Big Big Friend.

To be completed in: 2015

Co-production: 2Dlab (BR) and Breakthrough Animation (CA)

Broadcasted: Discovery Kids (BR), Treehouse TV (CA)

Highlights: Dubbed to English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Teaser: www.youtube.com/results?search_query=my+big+big+friend

Marina Abramovic´ in Brazil - The Space in Between

Arts & Culture / Docs & Factual / Feature Film / Telefilm / Full HD

Format: 1 x 52', 1 x 86'

Target: Adult e Teenagers

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster e Distribution

Synopsis: In search of personal healing and artistic inspiration, Marina Abramovic travels through Brazil experiencing sacred rituals and exploring the limits between art and spirituality. How far will she go to create another work of art?

To be completed in: 2016

Co-production: Casa Redonda Produções Culturais

Highlights: Selected at SXSW, BFI, Biografilm, Stockholm, Moscow, Taipei and Durban Film Festivals.

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qor1zzj-WtA



Format: 1x8 MIN

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster

Synopsis: After working for 30 years in the drawing class, Guida, a sweet lady in her later years, feels stuck in numbing routine. She sees an ad seeking a life model a drawing class and challenges her safe place and dare to strip naked not only of her clothes, but of her fears.

To be completed in: 2014

Highlights: Best Film at AnimaMundi; Annecy 2015 official selection

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMPhLL1upr0



Format: 26x3’

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Pre-sales

Synopsis: MOE and MOMO practically live on their family’s car backseat, always trying to get through the city – but the traffic is COLOSSAL! Live imponderable adventures and catch memorable dialogues of grace and nonsense with them, their friends and the driver, a former soldier and new-hippie GRANDPA.

Co-production: Elo Company, MolToons

Highlights: Comedy, Multiplatform

Live Instruments


Format: 26X2'

Target: Kids

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Pre-sales

Synopsis: Trumpet and Horn are friends in a universe full of musical creatures. All they want to do is to have fun and discover new things. Or new sounds! They find out that rhythm, harmony and melody are the kinds of stuff that make the world a cool place!

Co-production: Elo Company, MolToons, Ultrassom Music Ideas

Highlights: Non Verbal, Multiplatform, Musical universe

The Boy and the World

Animation / Feature Film / 3D

Format: 1 x 85 MIN

Target: All ages

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster e Distribution

Synopsis: An animation for all ages that portrays a powerful and deep message. Suffering from the absence of the father, a boy leaves his village and discovers a fantastic world dominated by animal-machines and strange beings. An extraordinary animation with many artistic techniques, portraying the issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child.

To be completed in: 2014

Co-production: Filme de Papel

Highlights: Oscar 2016 Best Animation Nominee. Annie Awards 2016 Best Independent, Crystal at Annecy.

Teaser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqdrwu0NvY8

BR14 – Route to Immigration

Format: 32X13’, 32X24’, 2x52’ and 1x90’

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: An amazing quest that shows 32 people with heritages from all nations participating in the World Cup (both descendants and immigrants) travelling around Brazil in search of their own origins. It takes the audience through underexplored parts of the country, each one with different identities and facets, displaying the multiracial aspect of this great country like never before.


Project status: In Production

Synopsis: Pipeline with 15 movies and series in production available for pre-sales. Fiction movies with major production companies in Brazil. Premium Documentaries like Boy 23 (Brazilian eugenics and relationship with nazi Geman), The Current: Marina Abramovic in Brazil, New Species in Amazon, and others.



Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster e Distribution

Synopsis: The Boy And The World(Cristal and Audience Award Annecy 2014),Pink Pact (LGBT-Sold to over 15 foreign territories already), various Wildlife docs like Jaguar and Unknown Amazon, BR14 – Route to Immigration(tv series screened in USA Sun Channel, LATAM A&E and Korea EPG),among others.