Animation won’t be lacking from the Brazilian producers that are taking part, as of today (June 10th), at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, in France, the world’s leading animation festival. The national segment is experiencing a moment of unprecedented expansion and the Brazilian Content’s delegation at the event reflects this optimistic mood, with projects/productions selected and works recognized and awarded internationally.

 This year, 16 companies represented by 23 professionals will be part of the delegation from Brazilian Content, the export project promoted by BRAVI in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The producers aim is the Mifa (International Animation Film Market), the market integrated to Annecy’s programme.  

A recent survey this year showed the strength of the Brazilian animation in international business:  US$ 3 in US$ 4 dealt in international coproductions were from the animation segment.  These international coproductions represent 83% of the total US$ 45 milion in international business in 2018, a 35% increase over the previous year. These numbers correspond to the companies associated to Brazilian Content.

One of the Brazilian highlights in Annecy is the short-film “Sangro”, which is among the 23 selected in the competition Perspectives Short Films. The production, 7’15’’, has Thiago Minamisawa e Bruno Castro as directors and animation from Guto BR. Ultrassom Music Ideas, responsible for success soundtracks, as "Tito e os Pássaros", “O Menino e o Mundo” and “Guida” – these last two awarded in past editions of Annecy – also participated in "Sangro", with the audio finalization of the animation.

"Me and my partner Gustavo Kurlat are very happy to know that 'Sangro' has been selected for this year's festival. The film is very bold and addresses important issues in a sensitive way. We had the opportunity to create a very different path to get the message across with all the emotional impact that comes along, "comments Ruben Feffer.

 Two projects were selected for pitching at Mifa. One of them is "Ana, en Passant" from Apiário Estúdio Criativo, which was selected for the Feature Films Mifa Pitches. "Being selected by Mifa and being able to present the work in Annecy validates a long process of development and places us at a very important level of visibility in the goal of making international partnerships and connections," says Fernanda Salgado, project creator and partner of Apiário Estúdio Criativo.

The other project in competition is "Cachalote", by Angelo Defanti (Sobretudo Produção), selected for Animation! Focus @ Mifa.


The Mifa 2019, which will be held from June 11th to 14th, is a fair that gathers stands and various activities focused on the animation industry, focused on business generation, within the Annecy Festival (held from today to June 15th). For producers, it is an opportunity to meet with important players in the market, maintain contacts and monitor trends.

Brazilian Content organizes a delegation to the event since 2012. In the 2018 edition, Mifa had 3,800 participants, 827 exhibitors, 490 buyers and distributors and 468 projects submitted for pitches, totaling 75 countries represented. Last year, Brazil was honored at Annecy. This year, it will be Japan's turn.

As part of its role of capacity building and expansion of business opportunities, Brazilian Content offers a series of benefits to producers, such as a booth for Brazilians companies, inclusion in the delegation brochure and participation in networking activities. Producers also received consulting sessions with the writer Fabienne Gambrelle to prepare for the event and will attend business meetings with the specialist during the Mifa.

Participating companies

The companies that are part of the Brazilian Content delegation are: Apiário Estúdio Criativo, Boulevard Filmes, Chatrone, Coala Filmes, Copa Studio, Estúdio Makako, Fraiha Produções, Kaplow Studio, Lobo, Mauricio de Sousa Produções, Movioca Content House, PenGuin Content, Spirit Animation Studios, Super8Prod, Tappi e Um Filmes.

The producers take part in Apex-Brasil's partner projects with sector entities that promote exports of the audiovisual and music segments: Brazilian Content, Brasil Music Exchange, Cinema do Brasil and FilmBrazil, which will act as an integrated group in the event.